Pasture Boarding

$325 per month
  • Horse owners buy your own feed, we will separate horses to feed 2x daily (AM & PM).
    • We feed our horses soaked beet pulp so we will gladly soak your feed daily.
    • We co-op on purchasing local round bales of mixed grass / fescue fall through winter. In the summer if your horse requires hay you can purchase your own square bales.
    • Pittsboro Feed delivers here!
  • Small indoor arena with tack room, feed room, crossties.
  • Indoor climate controlled bathroom.
  • 200 X 70 ft fenced sand outdoor arena with a grass track around it.
  • Bridle path for hacking around pastures / around the farm, no trails per-se but our neighborhood is equine friendly and has a 1 mile+ gravel road with a decent shoulder.
  • Outside wash-rack
  • Grass from late spring – mid fall.
  • Bring your own farrier and your own vet if you’d like (we use Polaris for vet, and several farriers come down our road to various neighbors).
  • Blanketing can be done for $40.00 monthly from late fall through early spring.
    • One item put on, one item taken off per 24 hours.
    • Weather proof blankets will be put on when temperatures get below 40 degrees for a several hours, and taken off it is going to get above 45 for several hours.
    • Weather proof sheets will be put on when temperatures will get below 60 with rain and / or high winds for several hours.
  • Fly masks, fly spray, sun screen on muzzles can be done for $40.00 monthly from early spring through late fall.  Fly masks taken off over night, and put on in the morning.
  • Holding for barn scheduled vet and hoof care appointments, applying topical care products/medications are $5.00 for every portion of 15 minutes. Oral dosing medications $2.00 per time.
Conditions for Board Here
  • Boarders have to agree to feed 2 times a month on the weekend. Just twice, it can be AM or PM, Saturday or Sunday. 🙂 It usually only takes about a half hour.
  • Board payment is due on the 15th of the month prior to the month being paid for.  Example;  Board for December 1st – December 31st is due on November 15th.  Not pre-paying your board serves as your two week notice for moving.
  • Must keep up with the minimum standards of care created by NC State law (outlined in our boarding contract).
We (Brian & Kaye Handlon, the owners of Starting Point Equestrian) both ride (sport horse disciplines) but are not into showing / competitions. We enjoy hacking around, hauling out to ride, and occasionally going to clinics.
Right now I’m grooving on Warwick Schiller and other like-minded equestrian professionals.  We don’t have much tolerance for abusive (or intolerant) horsemanship. We do embrace a learning mindset, and want everyone to be safe, and enjoy their time with their horse. We want to keep drama to a minimum here.
We are VERY UTILITARIAN and practical about horse keeping. I’ve owned a boarding facility since 2000 and realized I need like minded, experienced horse owners as boarders so we don’t drive each other crazy. There is not enough money in boarding to deal with large differences in horse care beliefs with boarders. 😉
I run a very small lesson program (I’m the only instructor) but there is plenty of space for us to not get in each other’s way.
No stallions or horses with dangerous or destructive vices.