Riding Lessons

Most lessons are private unless specific individuals agree to working with other students for various reasons.


Lessons w/ Riding

  • Lessons at our facility using our school horses, 1 hour 30 minutes / $55
  • Lessons at our facility using the student’s own horse, 1 hour  / $45

Lessons For Groundwork, Work-In-Hand, Lunging (No Riding)

  • Lessons at our facility using our school horses, 1 hour / $40
  • Lessons at our facility using the student’s horse, 45 minutes / $40

Lessons Off Site / Student’s Horse

  • Lessons at student’s facility, 1 hour 15 minutes / $55 (additional driving fee after 20 minutes distance from our facility)


For students ages 11 through adults. Absolute beginners through solid intermediate level, and anyone wanting to broaden & deepen their foundation skills.  For kids 10 and younger see our Pony School program.


Horsemanship 101

These are the skills needed to handle and care for a horse for daily care:

  • Ground handling / ground work for daily care activities.
  • Grooming.
  • Basic body work (for relationship building and body health).
  • Tack & equipment use (daily handling gear, riding equipment).
  • Basic first aid.
  • Basic feeding.
  • Anatomy & conformation.
  • Ethology / equine learning theory.
  • Teaching through an ‘experiment’ mindset, encouraging the student to become an independent self-thinker.
  • Self improvement / personal development theories are also discussed as it is applied to human learning, such as “Process before you proceed” and “Think, Act, Check, Then Change”.


  • A general purpose / utilitarian balanced riding position for flat work in the arena, over small obstacles and out in the open on varied terrain.
  • Use of the aids (cues / signals) with a focus on ‘form & function / effective & efficient’, biomechanics and relationship building.
  • We use balanced general purpose english saddles because they allow the rider to do seating exercises without being restricted by the bars and horn of a western saddle.  Compared to a western saddle, english saddles are also generally easier to fit to the horses and the stuffing in the saddle can be frequently adjusted to the horses changing musculature by a saddle fitter.  Despite using general purpose english saddles we are not ‘discipline bias’.  We work on developing a functional and fit horse and rider for lots of activities.
  • Frequent work on the lunge line so the rider has time to develop balance, strength, suppleness and a sense of feel without having to dedicate brain resources to controlling the horse.
  • Teaching with a discovery mindset, using a lot of “2 millimeter adjustments”, looking for 1% improvements, and “what if you tried it like this” to encourage the student to actually feel or see how what they do influences the horse.

Work – In – Hand

  • Deeper work that focuses on the horse’s responsiveness to our intentions and our awareness of the horse’s physical balance and mental state.
  • Work with a cavesson so the handler can see the horse’s physical state to relate it to riding, and to help the horse improve for carrying the weight of a rider.
  • Teaching lunging skills so the handler can see the horse’s physical state and how a horse uses his body.

Liberty Work

  • How to be with a horse, as a companion, in his / her environment without expectations of the horse performing for ‘us’.
  • How to go beyond being merely tolerated by the horse, learning how to develop a blending with a horse similar to a school of fish or a flock of birds.
  • Learning how to ask the horse to do things without equipment will help the student develop more sensitivity while using equipment.


Lessons on our school horses at our facility can be set up depending on the teacher and student’s schedules.  We do not typically teach on Sundays, or start lessons after 6:30 PM.  We can also schedule lessons off property with a students own horses within a 30 minute drive from our facility, or have students haul-in with their own horses.

What Else-

We have a small, fully insulated and enclosed riding arena for year round use.  We only cancel lessons due to extreme weather / weather warnings.