Pittsboro, NC

Lena – 05/08/2019

In-hand / cavesson work and lunging at walk / trot / canter and trot cavaletti. She is starting to get the ‘seeking’ posture more than a dropping and flattening of her neck with her nose poking out to the front.

I tried the haunches-in a few times and I think we were both tired and annoyed by the bugs. I was starting to have feelings of “ugh, why did I stop working with her? Why have I let 2 months go by?” and am sure she was thinking “Ugh, why can’t I just be a pasture puff?”. So I was cycling through a few minutes of in-hand work, going to the larger circle on the lunge and trotting a few minutes, coming back to in-hand work so neither of us got too frustrated. We did manage to pull off about 3 steps that looked and felt good, with her being bent to the inside, haunches off the wall making 3 tracks and I’m pretty sure I saw the outside hind leg tracking and landing about where her naval would be, with none of her other legs going side ways (toes moving forward). So YAY! That is where I ended our session.

I did ask her to canter about 3 circles each way, and she got her sticky lead to the left fine. She wasn’t rushing, falling in badly or pulling but she was struggling. I just wanted to give her a little ‘break’ from the mental ground work.