It has been a while since I’ve worked with Lena, about 2 months if I’m correct. We’ve been getting our farm ready for sale and building the new place. We still have not moved (have about 3 weeks to go) but I’ve decided to start doing something with the horses, however many minutes and however many days of the week I can.

I started Lena today working on ground work in the cavesson. We were both rusty, considering we had only started Straightness Training in October and then have taken about 2 months off.

We did some in-hand work at walk, working on me getting my line, whip and thoughts (as well as my timing and the aids) clear, and working on her remembering what the heck this is all about. Then we alternated between the close-up work and some lunging at walk and trot.

In-hand we did walking down the long walls, stops and backing up on the wall, and 10m circles. On the circles she was counter bending and coming in on the shoulder, and on the long wall she was too reactive to my hand on the cavesson with her nose coming in and her shoulder falling to the wall.

I was trying to review the Straightness Training ‘asymmetry report’ document in my head but couldn’t remember the details. I do remember some of the basic things when I went through it for Lena back in October.

Tonight I notice that when I was on her left, even on a straight line, her hindquarters would swing out to the right whenever I requested a halt. I changed sides & direction and her hindquarters wouldn’t drift but she’d fall out on the shoulder. The other side of the same coin I suppose.

She did offer some good ‘gesturing / seeking’ posture. Her poll wasn’t too far below her wither with her muzzle gesturing down towards where her front hooves would land VS her nose poking out forward. She did more of this in trot than walk.

She was calm, even when I got on her bareback. I didn’t stay on too long, her wither and backbone. Yikes! We did some walk, circles, halts and a few trot circles both ways. I decided to dismount when she didn’t spook when Karuma (the cat) bolted up the tree on the side of the arena. 😉