Pony School Calendar

Hello, fabulous *Guardians of little Pony School People!

On this page you will find the ability to book & purchase:

  • One class (“Service”) at a time = $35.00 or
  • A package of 4 to book the same day/time slot for the next 4 weeks = $140
  • You also now have the ability to book two kiddos at once by selecting “Bring Anyone With You”.
  • The name fields for two kids is mandatory, just put NA if you are not bringing two kids.  You will not be charged for two unless you select “Bring Anyone With You”.

When buying lessons individually or as a package please remember / review our no-refund policy by clicking here.

*Please use this page to only signup children that you have legal guardianship for / kids that have done the full registration.  Thank you! 🙂

Pony School 7-10 year olds –  Monday or Wednesday @ 6:30 PM

Pony School Mixed Age – 1st & 3rd Saturday of Month @ 9:00 AM