Kids’ Pony School

Currently re-starting after the pandemic, we are offering classes for kids ages 7-10 years of age in January of 2023 (soon!).  Once we get our gears turning again we will be adding the class for kids ages 4-6 and 10-12.

The purpose of Pony School for the 4 – 10 year old age range is to give kids a safe introduction to equestrian activities using play, peer experiences and supportive coaching.  This age group isn’t instructed on how to control the pony, we leave that to the coaches.  We want the kids to learn how to manage themselves, and experience how they affect the ponies, both on the ground around them and while on their backs.  Ponies are not machines and we are here to raise the next generation of equestrians to understand horses should have a voice in how they are treated.  We want the kids to experience what an equine truly is, and learn to behave and work with them based on equine learning theory.

We will be posting more information about days / dates, times and finalizing our pricing structure soon.

In the meanwhile enjoy some photos of Pony School students from previous years.