Kids’ Pony School

Class Offerings for Spring of  2023 –


  • Monday Evening, 6:30 – 7:30 PM
  • Thursday Evening, 6:30 – 7:30 PM


  • 1st and 3rd Saturday Mornings of the Month, 9:00 – 10:00 AM

If you are interested in age groups for 4-6 year olds or 11-13 year olds please contact us so we can form groups.   We are also open to forming daytime classes for home school kids.

*CAVEAT:  Class spots are offered first-come-first-serve.  You can buy classes in a block, but if you opt not to please understand that classes can only manage 4-6 students per class.  It is up to you to decide if these time frames can fit in your schedule.

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The purpose of Pony School for the 4 – 10 year old age range is to give kids a safe introduction to equestrian activities using play, peer experiences and supportive coaching.

This age group isn’t instructed on how to control the pony, we leave that to the coaches.  We want the kids to learn how to manage themselves, and experience how they affect the ponies, while they are on the ground around them and while on their backs.  Ponies are not machines and we are here to raise the next generation of equestrians to understand horses should have a voice in how they are treated, and have a right to express themselves.  We want the kids to experience what an equine truly is, and learn to behave and work with them based on hippology and equine learning theory.


Number of Students – The typical class is open to 4, possibly 6 students.  Occasionally if we have special events they may be open to more than 4, but this will not be the usual format.

Kaye Handlon is the instructor and for mounted lessons there will be a suitable adult assistant instructor for each class.

Class length is typically:

  • 6 students = 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 4 students = 1 hour
  • 2 students = 45 minutes.

Our program is structured for a 4 lesson monthly cycle;

  • Week 1 –  Seating / balance exercises on the pony, general horsemanship
  • Week 2 – Non-riding / unmounted session, horsemanship knowledge & skill
  • Week 3 – Seating / balance exercises on the pony, general horsemanship
  • Week 4 – Game incorporating the skills being learned (riding or unmounted)

On months where there is a 5th week we will do a special activity such as bathe the pony, paint-a-pony, pony related crafts, scavenger hunt etc. (depends on the weather).  For the **Saturday morning class we’ll work through the same structure, it will just take longer to complete the cycle.

All class within the same week will teach the same lesson and students are welcome to come to two sessions, just know it will be a repeat (except Saturdays).


Enrolling – Please contact us via our website or our Facebook Page directly so that we can get you to sign all the necessary paperwork.  There is a $15 administration sign-up fee which includes the Pony School binder for each child.  This fee may have to be paid again if a student is absent from the program for longer than 6 weeks.

Price – $35.00 per student, per class session.   Signing up for class is automated on our website, with payment processing done through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account, you can use a debit or credit card).  Classes are pre-paid for by signing up on the website.  Once the RSVP & payment have been made there is no cancelation or rescheduling policy.  If you can not make the class please view it as continuing to support this super program.

*Buying The Entire Month Block – Because we will have a monthly cycle we want to encourage students to attend all classes in the cycle. You can buy all classes in the month for your preferred day and time slot, however please understand that we do not offer refunds, and can’t promise that we have openings on other days/times to move you to easily, so please don’t have this expectation. There is not a discount for buying the block of lessons for the month, just the security knowing that you have your space confirmed.

To prevent people from having ‘buyers remorse’ we will keep class registration closed for upcoming months until the last week of the current month.

Program Cancelation-  We have an indoor riding arena so we give lessons year round.  However, there may be times we have to cancel.  Please understand we are not a large corporation, we are a family run business serving our local community.  If the farm cancels we will issue refunds or sign you up for the next available class that you can attend.

We may also schedule time off for vacations. But we’ll be back! 🙂


All Pony School students will receive a Starting Point Equestrian binder.  Students will frequently be given work sheets to put into their binder so they can continue to exercise their knowledge between classes.

Quarterly we will offer ‘certificate testing’.  When students pass they will receive a card to put into their binder.


Head Gear – Students need a properly fitting helmet.  Because we know the investment in an equestrian helmet might be cost prohibitive while your child is trying equestrian activities, either a current standard equestrian helmet (ASTM-SEI) or a well fitting bicycle helmet will be allowed.  Sometimes Tractor Supply stores have a small inventory of helmets.  Another source is Dover Saddlery in Durham, M&M Tack Store near the Raleigh fair grounds, or Double L in Coats. Tell the staff you want a schooling helmet.

We highly recommend kids wear long pants on riding days.  It doesn’t take long for the sand in our arena to stick to children’s skin and that will create a painful situation once they sit on the leather saddle. Pants that allow them to move will be greatly appreciated.  For girls leggings work good, for boys and girls jeans made of stretch denim work great, and for boys cargo type pants work well, too.

Closed shoes are a must for protection if stepped on.  Boots are not necessary, and fashion boots not meant for outdoor activities (especially with a ‘high heel’ or a zipper on the inside of the calves) or stiff rubber boots seem to hinder kids more than help them. Hiking boots with overly large treads on the soles are also not productive. A sturdy shoe that you’d send your child out on the playground in will work just fine. Socks that can be pulled up over the calves will help them from getting saddle sores. If you really want to buy your child good equestrian shoes we highly recommend “Ariat Terrains” or “Paddock Boots”.

Other clothing can be worn depending on the season, but plan on clothing getting dirty.  Ponies are dirty.

Kids should be healthy and clear to participate in sports.  We are not capable of teaching equine activities for those who have physical or mental impairments (we are not certified or educated).